Bronze Plaques

Alloy Foundry has been casting bronze plaques for over 60 of its 174 years of operation.

Contact us for a quote by e-mail or phone us with your request.  We’ll be happy to work with you to design your plaque – an heirloom to last generations!

We have created a wide variety of commemorative plaques for governments, associations and individuals.

For example:

Copyright Library of Parliament / W.J.L. Gibbons

Copyright Library of Parliament / W.J.L. Gibbons

Alloy Foundry created twelve plaques representing the ten provinces and (at that time) two territories for the Centennial Flame that burns on Parliament Hill.


Plaques which were installed in honour of the Queen in Canada’s Foreign Affairs building in 2012.  They were unveiled by Prince William and the future Duchess of Cambridge.

Plaques commemorating the War of 1812


A plaque dedicating a building to the Rt. Hon. John Diefenbaker

All the plaques we have cast are important to us, whether they are designed for heritage buildings, historic sites, churchyards or any other special place.